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Left 4 Dead

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The Good: This game is a run and gun shooter with virtually no story, and immense amounts of violence.  The characters are not developed too well, there’s  very little to go off of, but you know what? This game makes it work, and Valve has yet again made an absolutely amazing game.  In the single player campaign (which is the most important thing for me) you become 1 of 4 characters, all of which are effectively the same from a gameplay perspective.

The Characters: Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis

You start in a safe room with a plethora of weapons (WOOOO Shotgun!!!!),  some health, and maybe a pipe bomb or something like that.  The best part about the safe rooms are definitely the stuff written all over the walls.  I highly recommend taking the time to read all of the scribbles on the wall, they are interesting story wise, can give hints for what is ahead, and are often quite funny.

Some of the writing on the walls

After you leave the safe room there is an all out utter zombie apocalypse ready to literally eat your face off.  Big fun right? Yes, yes it is.

Face eating Zombies!!!

Once you are out there will be lots of zombies that want to play and are just normal, shoot them and they die, but there are other “special” infected. These consists of hunters, smokers, witches, boomers, and tanks.

A boomer, be careful, they explode when shot and attract the horde.

These special infected make things feel more varied and when one of the specials get a hold on you, your AI partners will be your new best friends.  That brings me onto something else, the AI is great, they don’t get in the way much, and at least a couple of times they will save your ass.  They get mad when you shoot them though, and it is to your disadvantage to shoot them….just saying, I did it, alot, and then I died…   Okay, the difficulty level for any game like this is very important and well, frankly, you set that to whatever you want.  Ease is well, very easy, and Expert…..takes an expert.  The graphics for this game are pretty, they are nothing ground breaking, but they are fun to look at more often than not.

Crazy Zombie Attack cutscene

The Bad:  The bad about this game is that it is really not varied much.  The same strategy will work for pretty much everything.  Not to mention, it is short.  For the single player mode there are only 4 campaigns with 5 levels in each.  many of these can be completed rather quickly and on the first try.  This is a nit-picking problem though because to be honest you will want to play most, if not all, levels more than once.  A bad thing about the AI is that sometimes you have a task you need to get done and it would be better if it was done quickly and they just will not come with you.  You might think it is no big deal, but if a special gets a good hold on you, you NEED a teammate to help you.

Overview:  Okay, overview for this game has pretty much already been stated.  There is very little story, little character development, not much variety, but IT DOES NOT MATTER.  This game is fun, period.  It is a run and gun with the right amount of difficulty and the right selection of weapons.   None of characters are annoying and the zombies are varied and incredibly fun to kill. Bottom line, if you want an in depth gaming experience, pass, if you want an incredibly fun and intense game, Buy it. Trust me, this is one fun End of the World.

Gameplay: 9.8

Controls: 9.0

Story: 6.5

Characters: 7.0

Graphics: 8.8

A look at regular gameplay graphics

Overall: 8.9

Sequel: Left 4 Dead 2