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Final Fantasy X

Some Screenshots You Might Enjoy

The Final Fantasy X logo

The Good:  This was the first Final fantasy game I ever played and going into it I had never heard of Final Fantasy or anything about it.  The first thing that captured me after only playing for 15 minutes or so was the beautiful graphics.  It was amazing.  They just looked perfect, very clean and vivid, but not trying too hard to look like real people. Okay, more on that later.

Graphics during regular gameplay

The gameplay for this game is pretty typical Final Fantasy out side of the battle system.  There are random battles that pop up, there are bosses that vary in difficulty and strategy. This is all good, and the game does it well, but it is nothing special.  The first special thing about the gameplay was the innovativeness of the sphere guide.  This is probably the best leveling up system for any Final Fantasy game, even to this day.

A look at Lulu’s sphere grid

Now, lets talk about the story.  It is really good, it is, however it seems like SquareSoft tried a bit too hard to be deep.  It is okay though, no worries about the story line.  There is never a moment where you are thinking “well, that was unnecessary, a bit moving, but when do I get to kill more things?”.  The game’s story does get in the way of the fun.  The story is based on a pilgrimage, which is cool because its different a bit from other FF games.     There are 2 very good characters in this game and anyone who has played this game will probably agree.  They are Yuna and Auron.  Yuna is a good character because she is likable and VERY useful in this game.  The most useful character later.  Trust me, you lose her for a while and the game gets SO MUCH HARDER.  She does have a bit of an advantage…what with the monopoly on the summoning powers.  The other cool character, Auron, well, he is badass in the first 5 minutes of the game and still badass in the last 5  minutes of the game.  I want to grow up and be Auron, sweet scar included.

Top: Rikku, Kimahri, Auron…..Bottom: Wakka, Yuna, Tidus, Lulu

Okay, back to the graphics, particularly during cutscenes.  They. Are. Beautiful.  There are some cutscenes in this game that will leave your mouth agape they are so good looking.  The characters are all flawless looking in the cutscenes.  A touch more about graphics is that if you equip a new weapon to a character it actually changes during a battle scene and some of them look really cool.  While we are on the topic of the battle system, you all all 7 people (once you get them all) available for every battle.  You only have 3 actually fighting at 1 time, but you can switch between all of them and that makes the battles fun, and very intuitive.

Wat the battle system looks like

Okay, last thing and the best thing.  Once you beat Yunalesca (Bitch!! as I like to call her) you get the airship and you can go to the training center.  This is where the challenge lies, capturing all of the enemies and fighting the new creations from the trainer…, just wow.

The Bad: There is some bad to this game.  First of all, the main storyline is pretty easy.  You will run into a few bumps along the way, but for the most part, if you are smart, there should be few problems.  Like I said though the real challenge lies in the training arena.  The other problem with this game is sometimes the cutscenes are WAYYY too long.  I mean they can be several minutes and there is no way to skip them.  This is especially annoying when there is a cutscene before a boss fight…and then you lose the boss fight.  You have to immediately go and watch the exact same 4 minute cutscene again. Boo you Seymour.  The only other negative I have is, there are some characters that are pretty useless in battle after a point….ahem, Kimahri and Lulu.

The Overview:  If you have never played a Final Fantasy game, or even an RPG in General then I absolutely recommend this one as your first.  It is easy to get into, easy to understand all aspects of the gameplay and the story can really suck you in if you pay attention.  The negatives of this game are more of an annoyance than a hindrance to the game.  Bottom line: play it, play it now.

Controls: 9/10

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Characters: 8/10

Graphics: 10/10

Graphics during a cutscene

Story: 8.7/10

Hours to complete: 15-20 (main story line

40+ (to beat Gold nemesis)

Overall: 9.5/10


Chrono Cross

Check out some Screenshots

The front of Chrono Cross for Playstation 1

The Good: There are so many characters in this game it is mind-boggling. This is a good thing because if there is a character that annoys you or one that is not your fighting style, doesn’t matter, there is lots more to choose from. To be exact there is 45 playable characters to choose from. That is enormous for any game, much less an RPG. The story for this game is pretty good. It is very clear in the beginning where the story is going and why you must go to certain places, but later on it becomes unclear. Now, in order to redeem the story, it is very interesting to learn how the main character, Serge, and the ultimate evil, Lynx, are connected. Now to clarify, There are a couple main characters, but for battle sake there are 45 characters. The main characters are Serge and Kid, who for the record are great characters.

The main character, Serge

The second main character, Kid

The ultimate evil, Lynx

You are not required to get the all of the characters, which is another positive to this because this raises the replay value, a ton. The battle system for this game is probably one you have never seen before. There a percentage beside each physical attack you can choose from, and the stronger the attack the lower the percentage you will connect with the hit. You get several swings per turn, but the percentages change for each swing getting progressively better for each connected.The graphics are solid especially during cutscenes. This is a Playstation 1 game, so the graphics are not amazing, but they are solid, even during battle and actual gameplay.

The Bad: The bad in this game is that finding what you need or what to do can be very irritating. There are 2 worlds, that are identical physically, but follow a different timeline. This means that if you need to find something you have 2 worlds to look through. Also since there are so many characters there are a lot of people you may have to talk to before you figure out the path that you need to take. There are no random battles. All enemies can be seen, and most can be avoided if you really want to. A bad aspect is the armor and equipment mechanism. It is complicated and not very helpful. Picking a weapon and sticking with it will save you some time and not hurt you at all.

The Overview: This is a game made by the same people who make Final Fantasy and it absolutely lives up to the legacy that Final Fantasy has set down. It has an interesting story, good characters, amazing replay value (seriously you can never play this game the same way twice), and the graphics are solid. You will enjoy this game to the fullest if you are willing to explore, and really let this world live up to its’ potential. Oh, also it has a great villain, Lynx, who is very good at what he does.

Gameplay (Battle system): 8/10

A typical view of a battle

Controls: 8/10

Characters: 7.5/10

All 45 playable characters

Graphics: 8.5/10

Screenshot from a cutscene

Replay Value: 10/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Hours to complete: 20+

Final Fantasy VII

Some Screenshots

The front of Final Fantasy VII for PS1

The Good: The good about this game is very well known.  This is the most famous Final Fantasy game and, to many, one of the greatest games of all time.  I can agree that it is a great game with an intricate story and lots of extras.  The downside for me in this game is the characters, but more on that later.  The good of this game is aplenty.  The “Materia” system of learning abilities is very innovative and fun, and has more to it than just  the “gain experience, get abilities, rinse and repeat” way.  The story really has everything: an epic enemy (Sephiroth), an evil corporation (Shinra), moral struggle, questions of good and evil, and of course lots of killing.  This is includes one of the most surprising moments in video game history to me, when ****SPOILER**** Aerith, a main character is killed by Sephiroth, and not regular killed in an RPG where you can revive, I mean dead, never coming back. *****END SPOILER****

The graphics of this game are good for 2001.  I mean the cutscenes are very pretty and the graphics never get in the way of the game.  There is alot of reading because there are no voices, but it never noticeably gets in the way.  Now, a great part of this game is the extras.  The chocobo breeding is very fun, as well as the racing.  Also there are many, MANY, summons that are obtained outside of the main storyline.  Materia is the same, most is obtained by actual work, not just playing through the game.  This makes the game more in depth.

A look at all the characters of Final Fantasy VII

The Bad:  Okay, as you can see I have had lots good to say about this game.  And there is a lot good to say about it, but I do have to address my one issue with it.  The characters are just not that interesting and therefore difficult to get into.  The story is in depth, but I find that I am just playing the game to find out what happens at the end, not in order to defeat something and to see a certain outcome.  This is a bad thing.  This is the reason why I have played most Final Fantasy multiple times, but this one only once.

Good look at the battle menu

The Overview:  Play this game.  Yes, I have my problems with it because characters are probably the most important thing in RPGs to me.  The turn based battle system is great, and the menu and leveling up mechanisms are great.  The story is in-depth and great.  Also there are serious twists and turns throughout and Cloud is pretty cool and has a bad ass sword. Just saying.

Gameplay: 9/10

Characters: 6/10

Storyline: 9.5/10

Graphics: 8.6/10

Graphics during regular gameplay.

Extras: 9.5/10

Replay Value: 5/10

Overall: 8.0/10

Hours to complete: 15-20 (main storyline)

25+ (compete game)

A look at a lot of Final Fantasy VII’s cutscenes (slow at first, start at about 1:00 into video).

Final Fantasy IX

Some Screenshots

Front of final Fantasy IX for PS1

The Good:  This was the second Final Fantasy game I played (FF X was first) and I have to say this is the one I got the most into.  The greatness of this game falls in its characters and its storyline.  It has in my opinion 2 of the best characters that have ever been in any Final Fantasy game….ever.  These two are Vivi and Princess Garnet (Dagger).  They are just both so likable and in depth.  The storyline behind Vivi is engrossing and absolutely brilliant.  Not to mention you cannot help but love this little guy, I mean he’s so cool.  And Princess Garnet, the only Final fantasy main girl who I actually really thought was worth saving (besides maybe Yuna).  She is dynamic in the way that she truly changes perspective throughout the game.  She goes from a snooty princess to an open, interesting character.

All of the Characters for FF IX (Vivi is in the hat)

Now, the story.  The story in this game is so deep, in the way that every facet of almost every character must be explored in order to truly grasp everything that is happening.  The character who you think is the ultimate evil turns out to be a pawn, the real ultimate evil is insane and wants to take the world with him if he has to go.  People on the evil side switch sides, theres political fighting between major cities.  It is intense.  Now, the graphics are quite solid, especially during cutscenes, then they are stunning.  The dialogue is good most of the time, couple awkward moments, and a few hilarious moments as well (oooh, soft).  The battle system is an ATB (Active Time Battle) system, which is nice, keeps you on your toes.  Also a nice extra is the card game, it is a fun side game and can keep you entertained.  Oh, and get good at it, you will need it later on.

A Look at a Typical Battle

The Bad: The bad in this game is relatively small.  There are a couple however.  There are times when parts of the game will feel like a chore and all you have to do is get passed them in order to play the game you actually want to.  Also FF IX likes to have you build up strength then separate the group or all of a sudden weapons are useless in order to weaken you simply to make things more challenging.  This can get irritating.  Also, there is an issue with a character.  The worst in any Final Fantasy in my opinion.  Thats right FF IX has the best and worst character.  The worst is Quina Quen.  I do not know what Squaresoft was thinking.  She or…he is really annoying, not that useful and simply irritating to the point you wish you could throw her out of your party at times.  A small bad thing also is that the summons are really not that cool or helpful.  They’re just kinda there and sometimes help, but swords and black magic are really your best friends in this one.

Overview: This is a fun RPG.  Like I said this is the one I got the most into out of any Final Fantasy.  The story is in depth and the characters are innovative and dynamic.  The Battle system is good, but there are annoying parts but you can easily get passed them without a problem.  The bottom line is: If you are looking for a game to play in order to get into, explore and become immersed in then this is for you.  If you want one with fine tuned gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics and flashy attacks, you might want to pass.

Story 10/10

Characters: 9/10 (took away a point due to Quina)

Gameplay: 7.8/10

Controls: 8.4/10

Graphics: 9/10

Cutscene graphics, absolutely beautiful

To view a cutscene in all its glory look at this

Replay Value: 8.2/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Hours to Complete: 25+ for 100% completion

Things you should know about:

—The 4 best people to have in your party, (when possible) are Zidane, Steiner, Vivi and Garnet

—If you get to Memoria in less than 12 hours then you will get Excalibur II, the best sword in the game.

—When there is a time limit, go quick, you will die if you don’t do it in time.

—Train all members until you reach the part where they get separated, after that, it does not matter.