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Mariokart Wii

Mariokart Wii Screenshots

Front of Mario Kart Wii Box

The Good: This game is easy to pick up and play, for anyone. However, getting three stars on every grand prix and truly finishing the game 100% is incredibly frustrating, crazy intense and unimaginably fun. In the beginning you start with very few tracks and few characters, but you begin to unlock tracks based on beating the grand prixs available from the start. As for characters, you unlock the numerous amount of characters by doing various things throughout the game.

Character Chart Once All Have Been Unlocked

A nice add-on to this game that was absent in other Mariokart games is the rating system. After each grand prix the game will rate your performace E-A and 1-3 stars, E being the worst and 3 stars being the best. Beating grand prixs, getting stars, doing well in time trials. All of these things will earn you various items, such as bikes, karts, and characters. Thats right, everything is unlockable. Okay, the online part. You can compare your time online in time trials and there are online races where you can race people from around the world and earn points to well, show off. Now, one more thing that this game does that makes it stand out is there are tournaments set up by Nintendo quite often and they are very fun. You can attempt whatever the goal in the tournament is as many times as you want and submit your best time and then when the tournament is over it will show you how you stack up against other people who attempted as well. This is a great racing game that will suck away many frustrating hours of your life.

The Bad: The bad of this game is the fact that skill can only do so much for you during races. When you are in first place you will get the “shit storm” which will include inking, red shells, blue shells (DOOM), a POW block, lightning, and god knows what else thrown at you in the course of less than 5 seconds. This makes luck a huge factor in your success, which is unfortunate. Another issue is that it is unclear how the stars you get after a grand prix, are assigned. This can be frustrating when you are trying to get 100% of the game complete. A negative to the online play is hackers. There are some online times in Time Trials that are literally impossible like .143 seconds to complete an entire race. These are annoying, but you can still compare to people who are not hackers, which are very easy to identify. Oh, there are also hackers in online races, they suck and will annoy you, but they are not too common.

The Blue Shell That Will Hurt you

Overview: This is a very fun racing game, it is. It is frustrating, and I know I keep using that word, but it the one that can best describe this game sometimes. When you do finally get 3 stars on that grand prix that you have tried 13 times it will be oh so satisfying. Anyway, if you are going to buy a racing game and own a Wii, this is the one. It will be fun, and you will love it, you just may want to occasionally break your wii remote.

“special Racing game ratings”

Characters: 9.5/10

Unlockables: 10/10

Controls: 8.0/10

Graphics: 8.5/10

Screenshot of Bowser in the Middle of a Drift

Internet play: 9.5/10 (with Hackers 6/10)

Overall: 9/10

Hours to complete 100%: >50 hours (technically never because you can always get better times in time trials, but that’s not the point)

Things you should know about:

—Drifting is difficult and varies from kart to kart and bike to bike.

—The “shit storm” is no joke, it will happen to you and you will get over it.

—Staying directly behind an opponent can cause a draft and give you a speed boost.

—Inside turns can save your life over and over and over again.

—Shaking the wheel at the correct time will help you avoid POW blocks, and when on a jump shaking at the correct time will cause a boost upon landing.

—Holding the B button will allow you to hold certain items behind you and can be used as an ass-guard.