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Greatest game ever…Portal

Great Portal Screenshots
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The Good:  This game is amazing.  Flat out, no questions, amazing.  Even if you have never played video games, or you’ve played them hate them, play this game.  Okay, now enough of that.  The game itself is a puzzle game in which you use a gun that can make portals to make it through a puzzle while performing tasks.  Now, this doesn’t sound that fun, but these puzzles are immersive and incredibly addictive. Something that makes doing these puzzles much more enjoyable is the physics engine that Valve has created.  In order to do some of these puzzles momentum and force must be taken into consideration.  Now, worry not about it being complicated it is intuitive and unimaginably fun.

A representation of how physics can be used

The story is interesting, but the aspect that sets this game apart from any other is the fact that it is funny.  I mean genuinely funny, witty, surprising, funny enough that you do not have to play in order to have fun with it.  Portal could be considered a party game in some ways simply because it is so easy to get in to.  Also this game has one of the best characters ever, your companion cube.  Sounds odd, but its not, its great and you will love it.  Now, the game is short, but that is a good thing for a puzzle game.  It does not get repetitive or annoying, there are no tedious tasks to perform.  PLAY THIS GAME.

P.S. The ending song is amazing, downloaded it on my iPod.


The Bad: The only part of this game that could be possibly construed as bad would be the replay value.  There is not much. Once you play through and beat all of the puzzles the first time, the second time will be much easier and will have little variation.  However in order to save the replay value a bit, when you play the second time listen more closely to the computers comments as you are going through the game and I can guarantee you will catch hilarious comments you missed before.  Maybe they could add a sprint ability or a zoom, but besides these tiny issues, and believe me, they are tiny this game is worth every second you will spend playing it..

Overview: This is a great game. Period.  I can honestly say this is the best game I have ever played and that is a pretty long list.  Innovative, funny, great controls, immersive and an amazing physics engine will keep you hooked on this game from start to finish…..which may be in one sitting.

Storyline: 9.5/10

Characters: 9.5/10

Graphics: 9.8/10

A look at the graphics

Gameplay: 10/10

Controls: 10/10

Replay Value: 6/10

Overall: 9.7/10

Hours to complete: 3-5

Things you should know about:

—Things may be simpler than they seem, do not make things overcomplicated.

—Boxes work as a great bullet deflector.

—Tiny details can mean a lot, watch closely

—Pay attention to physics, it will help you and make things easier.

—Do not get frustrated, just look at everything and try whatever comes to mind, it may work.