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Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 Screenshots

Front of Mario Party 8

The Good:  Now, I know that there have been 8 Mario Party games, but this is the first one I have ever played.  So, what’s the good?  The sheer amount of mini-games available to play.  there are dozens of mini-games. Yes, some are MUCH better than others, but for the most part any mini-game that is chosen (and they are chosen randomly in single player and multiplayer, you can only choose the one you want in the tent where you can practice) will be very enjoyable.  The reward system: when you play mulitplayer you get cards (money), depending on how many turns the round was, if your playing single player you get cards at the end of the Star Tournament, which you must also win to unlock the 2 hidden characters.

A look at all the characters....

With the cards you can buy figurines, other mini-games and various other things at the shop.  Okay, the reason you buy Mario Party, the multiplayer.  It is fun and the more people, the more fun.  There are 6 boards to choose from, and they are all pretty good, but the Koopa one is the best, I think.  The Wii Remote adds to this game without a doubt.  The ability to use motion sensing during the mini-games makes them more intense and sometimes challenging, but the most important part is the motion forces you to get into it.  This is always a good thing.

The Bad: The bad in this game is, well, alot.  The single can be fun, but gets old especially since that is the best way to earn cards in order to get rewards.  The graphics are also another negative to this game, they are…okay.  They look like a last-gen console though.  This game would fit on the Gamecube without question, when it comes to looks.  There are not very many characters in this game either, only 14, and only 2 are locked at the beginning.  Okay, now what I think is the biggest negative in this game is the lack of online play.  This game would be hugely more fun if you could get online and mini-game with people from around the world and earn points and status, but it is simply missing.

The Overview: The overview for this game is simple.  If you have a couple friends and you all want to get into the game, it is very fun and worth it.  However, if you are looking for a game to sit down and play alone or single player matters or a game you can get obsessed with, pass.  There is just not enough to this game for it truly be fun for any single player.  This flaw could have remedied with online play as well, but since that is missing, I must give this game only a mediocre review.

Gameplay: 7.5/10

Controls: 6.5/10

Unlockables: 5/10

Graphics: 5.5/10

The look of a typical Mini-game

Overall: 7.0/10