Mariokart Wii

Mariokart Wii Screenshots

Front of Mario Kart Wii Box

The Good: This game is easy to pick up and play, for anyone. However, getting three stars on every grand prix and truly finishing the game 100% is incredibly frustrating, crazy intense and unimaginably fun. In the beginning you start with very few tracks and few characters, but you begin to unlock tracks based on beating the grand prixs available from the start. As for characters, you unlock the numerous amount of characters by doing various things throughout the game.

Character Chart Once All Have Been Unlocked

A nice add-on to this game that was absent in other Mariokart games is the rating system. After each grand prix the game will rate your performace E-A and 1-3 stars, E being the worst and 3 stars being the best. Beating grand prixs, getting stars, doing well in time trials. All of these things will earn you various items, such as bikes, karts, and characters. Thats right, everything is unlockable. Okay, the online part. You can compare your time online in time trials and there are online races where you can race people from around the world and earn points to well, show off. Now, one more thing that this game does that makes it stand out is there are tournaments set up by Nintendo quite often and they are very fun. You can attempt whatever the goal in the tournament is as many times as you want and submit your best time and then when the tournament is over it will show you how you stack up against other people who attempted as well. This is a great racing game that will suck away many frustrating hours of your life.

The Bad: The bad of this game is the fact that skill can only do so much for you during races. When you are in first place you will get the “shit storm” which will include inking, red shells, blue shells (DOOM), a POW block, lightning, and god knows what else thrown at you in the course of less than 5 seconds. This makes luck a huge factor in your success, which is unfortunate. Another issue is that it is unclear how the stars you get after a grand prix, are assigned. This can be frustrating when you are trying to get 100% of the game complete. A negative to the online play is hackers. There are some online times in Time Trials that are literally impossible like .143 seconds to complete an entire race. These are annoying, but you can still compare to people who are not hackers, which are very easy to identify. Oh, there are also hackers in online races, they suck and will annoy you, but they are not too common.

The Blue Shell That Will Hurt you

Overview: This is a very fun racing game, it is. It is frustrating, and I know I keep using that word, but it the one that can best describe this game sometimes. When you do finally get 3 stars on that grand prix that you have tried 13 times it will be oh so satisfying. Anyway, if you are going to buy a racing game and own a Wii, this is the one. It will be fun, and you will love it, you just may want to occasionally break your wii remote.

“special Racing game ratings”

Characters: 9.5/10

Unlockables: 10/10

Controls: 8.0/10

Graphics: 8.5/10

Screenshot of Bowser in the Middle of a Drift

Internet play: 9.5/10 (with Hackers 6/10)

Overall: 9/10

Hours to complete 100%: >50 hours (technically never because you can always get better times in time trials, but that’s not the point)

Things you should know about:

—Drifting is difficult and varies from kart to kart and bike to bike.

—The “shit storm” is no joke, it will happen to you and you will get over it.

—Staying directly behind an opponent can cause a draft and give you a speed boost.

—Inside turns can save your life over and over and over again.

—Shaking the wheel at the correct time will help you avoid POW blocks, and when on a jump shaking at the correct time will cause a boost upon landing.

—Holding the B button will allow you to hold certain items behind you and can be used as an ass-guard.


Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Screenshots

The cover of Resident Evil 4 Wii

The Good:  This is the first shooter I have ever played on the Wii, and I have to say that it was quite good.  Aiming is very good and easy to get used to, which was my biggest concern when I picked up the game.  The story is different and not like other Resident Evils in the way that Zombies are not really there.  There are people who sort of act like zombies, but for a different reason.  There are many good enemies and twists throughout the plot however.  The new main character Leon Kennedy is pretty good, but does have some flaws in his personality that make him annoying.  The graphics are very good for a Wii game, sometimes it is fun to explore the environment and just see what you can find.

Leon utilizing his shotgun

I have to say though the best part about this game is the guns.  There is everything from a regular 9 mm to a 357 Magnum to a sub machine gun to a infinite launcher (if you can ever afford it).  Ammo and things you can use for health are located everywhere, but some ammo is very rare, VERY RARE which can become frustrating.  But the bottom line is this game is fun.  It will take you a while to beat and it will certainly challenge you.  Definitely a good buy for any Wii owner.

The Bad: Okay, this games got a few problems.  The most glaring one for me is the dialogue throughout.  There are parts that almost make you cringe.  Another problem is the second character in the game, Ashley.  I purposefully left her out of the good section.  Once you rescue her you must protect her, and help her throughout most of the rest of the game. She is annoying.  The only other real flaw in the game are these random cutscenes where something happens and in the middle of the action you have to hit a button quickly or you automatically die.  That was a bit irritating at times.

Overview:  This game despite its little flaws is fantastic.  There are little things (see The Bad section), but these are no problem in comparison to fun and in depth this game gets.  The weapons will keep you interested, the endless stream of new enemies will also keep you wanting more of this game.   Not to mention the replay value is huge.  This game can be replayed once finished and you can keep all items which makes the game really fun, less challenging, but who doesn’t love to Rambo through a game sometimes.

Storyline: 8.5/10

Characters: 5/10

Graphics: 9/10

Typical graphics during gameplay of Resident Evil 4

Gameplay: 9/10

Controls: 9.5/10

Replay value: 10/10

Overall: 8.8/10

Hours to complete: 15-18

Things you should know about:

—Shotgun= best friend

—357 Magnum ammo is like gold

—The people with chainsaws will F&%# you up

—Once you are in the research facility, always have your heat-scope equipped

—Ashley gets captured more than Princess Peach, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Greatest game ever…Portal

Great Portal Screenshots
Achievement Guide


The Good:  This game is amazing.  Flat out, no questions, amazing.  Even if you have never played video games, or you’ve played them hate them, play this game.  Okay, now enough of that.  The game itself is a puzzle game in which you use a gun that can make portals to make it through a puzzle while performing tasks.  Now, this doesn’t sound that fun, but these puzzles are immersive and incredibly addictive. Something that makes doing these puzzles much more enjoyable is the physics engine that Valve has created.  In order to do some of these puzzles momentum and force must be taken into consideration.  Now, worry not about it being complicated it is intuitive and unimaginably fun.

A representation of how physics can be used

The story is interesting, but the aspect that sets this game apart from any other is the fact that it is funny.  I mean genuinely funny, witty, surprising, funny enough that you do not have to play in order to have fun with it.  Portal could be considered a party game in some ways simply because it is so easy to get in to.  Also this game has one of the best characters ever, your companion cube.  Sounds odd, but its not, its great and you will love it.  Now, the game is short, but that is a good thing for a puzzle game.  It does not get repetitive or annoying, there are no tedious tasks to perform.  PLAY THIS GAME.

P.S. The ending song is amazing, downloaded it on my iPod.


The Bad: The only part of this game that could be possibly construed as bad would be the replay value.  There is not much. Once you play through and beat all of the puzzles the first time, the second time will be much easier and will have little variation.  However in order to save the replay value a bit, when you play the second time listen more closely to the computers comments as you are going through the game and I can guarantee you will catch hilarious comments you missed before.  Maybe they could add a sprint ability or a zoom, but besides these tiny issues, and believe me, they are tiny this game is worth every second you will spend playing it..

Overview: This is a great game. Period.  I can honestly say this is the best game I have ever played and that is a pretty long list.  Innovative, funny, great controls, immersive and an amazing physics engine will keep you hooked on this game from start to finish…..which may be in one sitting.

Storyline: 9.5/10

Characters: 9.5/10

Graphics: 9.8/10

A look at the graphics

Gameplay: 10/10

Controls: 10/10

Replay Value: 6/10

Overall: 9.7/10

Hours to complete: 3-5

Things you should know about:

—Things may be simpler than they seem, do not make things overcomplicated.

—Boxes work as a great bullet deflector.

—Tiny details can mean a lot, watch closely

—Pay attention to physics, it will help you and make things easier.

—Do not get frustrated, just look at everything and try whatever comes to mind, it may work.

Super Mario Galaxy Instant Classic!

Galaxy Screenshots

Front of Super MArio Galaxy

The Good: This game is in-depth, very innovative, perfectly frustrating and amazing addictive. The premise is pretty standard Mario, Bowser steals the princess, gotta go help her….No one plays a Mario game for its’ in depth story line. Anyway after that the gameplay for this game is innovative and amazingly fun. Being able to run on all sides of an object (i.e. upside down camera view for a while) can be intimidating and very frustrating in the beginning, but it is intensely fun once you get the hang of it.

A typical view seen in Mario galaxy during a battle versus Bowser

The controls are very easy to learn and are intuitive. Anyone could pick it up and play, however the later stars in the game become very challenging even for the most experienced gamer. Now, this game is difficult, you will die…..a lot, but that’s okay because it is truly all the more satisfying when you finally beat the dreadnought purple coins star after you’ve died oh 50 times. And once you get all 120 stars Rosalina (new character and a very good one at that) will allow you to replay the entire game as Luigi. It does not specifically say, but Luigi is kind of like the harder difficulty level. I thought this was a great addition to the game. Get all 120 with Luigi and unlock the coveted 121st star. I won’t tell what it is, but it sure is satisfying when you get it.  Also a second player can pick up a wii remote and help you out.  Doing things like getting items, collecting star bits, and even killing some enemies.  This feature helps the game become more fun if you have a friend there as well.  Oh, on a side note, perhaps the best part of the game is the comets, throws a nice twist and makes the game incredibly fun.

Also, if your girlfriend likes cute things, she will love the lumas

The Hat Luma!

The Bad: Hard pressed to find something truly Bad thing about this game. There are minor things like how incredibly annoying some stars are (sea slide purple coins) or how long it takes to get to some observatories, (place you go to select worlds where you get stars) but there really are not many flaws to speak of. I know, not much bad about this game.

Overall: Well, I think this goes without saying, but this game is an absolute must have for anyone with a Wii. It is an instant classic that can be replayed and be equally as enjoyable as the first time. Trust I’ve played it through 3 times now. Must buy.

Storyline: 6/10
Characters: 9/10
Graphics: 8.5/10

Typical graphics in the first world of Super Mario Galaxy

Gameplay: 10/10
Controls : 10/10


Replay value: 9.5/10

Hours to complete: 25+ (Mario and Luigi included)

Things you should know about:

—In this game spinning is your friend, it can help you in almost every situation.

—The second player can be extremely useful for holding back enemies and collecting starbits (50 starbits= 1 extra life)

—Luigi cannot stop, after you move with him he skids for a bit, so be very precise and learn where he will stop.

—There are 1-up mushrooms hidden around the station, these can save you.

In Case you are interested Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer here