This is a Video Game review site for anyone who wants to know what some good games are, or what some bad games are.  I will be reviewing mostly games from the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360, but will occasionally have a Playstation 1 or 2 game.

Some of the games I review I played in the past, but I plan on playing again therefore if I review them and get something wrong or leave something out it will be fixed as soon as it is brought to my attention. This leads to another thing.  I am writing this for people to read, so if anyone has a game they want me to review or a problem or question about one of my reviews let me know.  Leave a comment and I will reply to you as best I can and I will do my best to review any game you wish for most any platform.  Anyways, there are links to videos all over as well as pictures from each game located in reviews.  A link can be found to each review I have done on the right sidebar under “Games So Far Reviewed”, just click on the name and it will take you to the review.  I hope I am informative and helpful.  Happy reading all!!

Contributing Authors:

Jack Hermanski — 14 Reviews

Chris Weaver — 1 Review

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