Mass Effect

The Good: Mass Effect has a variable story line full of choices the player can make along the way.  The graphics are very pretty and a character has the potential to become very interesting.  This is a negative for some people, but a positive for me, but a majority of the game will be spent doing random sidequests in order to find new things and get more experience, money and achievements.  I like this because if you get stuck a difficult place you can simply go on to something and come back instead of sitting there and leveling up or just being screwed.  Now, in the very beginning of the game, you choose a class, and this is the same as in lots of other games.  I made the choose to be an engineer so I could be good at all electronic locks and other crap like that, but being a engineer is not all it is cracked up to be and really just overrated, contrary to what someone everyone I know hates, believes. Anyway, I digress, the engineer can only use a pistol with any kind of skill.  I know, if you are a good enough gamer you can still use other guns because your that good, wrong, so wrong.  That is all in the good section becasue I think it gives you a reason to play the game more than once.  If you beat the game with a soldier class, Woohoo, now do it with only a pistol.  Okay, the graphics in this game are very good, htey fit and especially the cutscenes are flat out beautiful.  Characters, the character system in this game is great, and very original to me.  You can make any character (besides the main character of course) as important or insignificant as you want.  Very cool, and yet another reason to play the game more than once.  Other good aspects that you need to check out for yourself is the vastness of the universe and the character design in the very beginning.  Both very very cool.

The Universe in Mass Effect

The Bad:  The bad in this game for me is that first of all it is repetitive.  You can quite literally use the EXACT same stradegy on every enemy throughout the entire game.  This gets a bit old and actually forced me to stop part way through and come back to it later.  Also the leveling system, and the upgrade system can be a bit complicated at times and it can be irritating.  Now, an error in this game that drives me crazy is the fact that the main character feels it is perfectly okay to at any time never run faster than a light saunter.  Huge alien death ship coming? saunter away.  Warships unloading clips of heavy artillery at you? saunter away and get distracted by looking at every thing.  Hitler chasing after you with a chainsaw in one hand and a hand grenade in the other? Saunter away slowly (Disclaimer: Does not happen in real game).  

Couldn't find a picture of the Hitler I was describing, so this is the main charcater preparing to saunter

The Overall:  The game is great, the graphics are great, the sidequests are great, all I can ask is that factors gain a little bit of variablity and there needs to be a “run like you are getting shot at” button.  Oh, an unrelated side note.  I did not actually accomplish this, but apparently there is some love-subplot you can partake in with an alien, which is a just a dolled up way of saying there is a way the main character can have sex with an alien.  I put this in the overall becasue franky I am not sure where it is good or bad but definitely thought it was worth mentioning.

Gameplay: 6.5/10

Controls: 9/10

Graphics: 9/10

Beautiful graphics during a cutscene.

Characters: from 3/10-9/10 depending on you 

Overall: 8.3/10

Hours to complete: 15-25

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