Fallout 3

The Good: It’s pretty good.  I mean there is really not much to it, but its pretty goo…..ha, no.  This game is epically huge, amazingly in depth and in the running as my favorite game of all time.  There is a main story that is pretty good and will consume quite a few hours of your life, but the reason to buy this game lies in the sidequests that are aplenty and many are much more challenging and fun than the main quest.  The world this game takes place in IS the best part however.  It is set in post nuclear war Washington D.C. and if you would like you could go and vist the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial or the Washington Monument.

Only part of the ridiculously huge map this game takes place in.

When you first get into the world itself (I say this because the game starts with you literally being born, and snapshots of you growing up) you will want to just walk around and look at all this amazing scenery.  The detail that was put into the most trivial thing makes simply wandering around and searching for things more fun than it has been in any other game I have played.  The characters are good, some are forgettable and many you will only talk to once or twice, but everyone has a voice and a personality, which is nice, keeps the game interesting.

Possibly your new best friend, Fawkes.

Another positive for this game is the karma system, if you do bad things certain people don’t like you as much and if you do good things certain people are more willing to talk to you.  On the flip side, if you have bad karma you can get mercenaries and such to join you.  Now, on to the battle system, there is a VATS system in place where you can find an enemy and a percentage is given whether you will hit that enemy and then you use your AP to fire as many shots as wished.  This can seem kind of cheap at times, but the main things VATS can be used for is finding enemies, which is hard, because it is dark, but more on that later.  I don’t want to say this game is realistic, but it does have some very realistic qualities.  For example, if you shoot someone and there family or town sees you or finds out they will come after you, and probably kill you because no matter how good you get at this game a horde of people will probably end you.   Also if you try to steal something and someone sees you, they get mad.  An unrealistic factor is the very common if you go through a certain doors the enemy you were just in a huge firefight with will just kind of forget about you.  Or if you holster your weapon they might just forget that you previously tried to ruthlessly murder them.

You, The "Lone Wanderer" shooting a feral ghoul.

There is so much more good about this game, from the variety of enemies, to the variety of weapons, to the fact your guns can break if over used.  Also you can search anywhere and find things, I mean anywhere, boxes, toolboxes, garbage cans, bags, it is so fun to just walk around and search.

A look at your Pipboy, which is your menu, flashlight and VATS system

The Bad:  The bad, okay, there is one looming bad thing about this game that does get irritating and will effect your gameplay experience.  It is too damn dark.  Often you will not be able to see the door that is 3 feet in front of you.  And they give you a light, but it hardly does the job.  Sometimes all it does is make your ammo-less shotgun brighter.  And in some darkness it barely does that, its like it’s Advanced Darkness (name that show?).  The battle system also is a little clunky at time, and I sometimes found that if there was too much going on a one time, the game would be very slow, and unreactive.  This is an issue when you are in the middle of a firefight and need health badly, and you can’t get to the menu so a super mutant hits you in the face with a sledgehammer.

The Overview:  Buy this game.  It is worth the money for simply seeing the world that Bethesda has created for you.  Just explore and kill some creatures look at everything if you don’t like the actual game.  But if you like shooters, scenery, your Xbox, radiation, mutants, guns or well, video games I would highly recommend this game to you.

Gameplay: 8.5/10

Controls: 9/10

Graphics: 9.5/10

A look at typical fallout 3 Graphics

Characters: 9/10

(Special category) Environment: 10/10

Overall 9.6/10

Hours to complete: main story:  15-20

Completely finish: 40-60

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