Mirror’s Edge

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The cover of Mirror's Edge

The Good:  The good about this game lies in its’ concept.  It is an open environment with very innovative game mechanics.  This is a first person shooter, adventure game with freerunning  and Parkour aspects.  SHAMELESS PLUG, check this out for more a video of some awesome parkour.  Okay anyway back to the game.  The gameplay for this game is really a first with the parkour aspects and the fact that the camera follows movements far more directly than any other game.  To view this better see this video.

The revolves around a young girl named Faith, who is a “runner” in a dystopian society (that is very clean).

A picture of Faith

A view of the VERY clean city

The runners deliver packages and the police do not like that.   The story within this game is pretty good, the problem lies elsewhere, but I will talk about that later.  The graphics are beautiful in this game, gleaming and frankly it is just fun to watch Faith do some of the moves.  The controls to do these moves are great, very easy and fun.

The Bad: The bad about this game lies in the back story and the fact that this game does not explain anything about the society you are in or why it is the way it is.  The cutscenes are not that great either.  They are animated scenes instead of the way the game looks normally.  It looks artistic and all, but not really my favorite part.  Now the controls are also lacking for me.  They work, but they are not smooth.

A view of Mirror's Edge during a cutscene

Overview: In other words, to summarize this entire review the game concept is amazing and much of it is solid, but I really think Mirror’s Edge 2 or 3 will be freaking amazing, giving the development team some time to work out the kinks and smooth over things such as storyline and character development.

Characters: 7/10

Gameplay: 8.5/10

Storyline: 7/10

Controls: 8/10

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay Graphics

CONCEPT: 10/10

Overall: 8/10

Hours to complete: 5-7

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