Final Fantasy VII

Some Screenshots

The front of Final Fantasy VII for PS1

The Good: The good about this game is very well known.  This is the most famous Final Fantasy game and, to many, one of the greatest games of all time.  I can agree that it is a great game with an intricate story and lots of extras.  The downside for me in this game is the characters, but more on that later.  The good of this game is aplenty.  The “Materia” system of learning abilities is very innovative and fun, and has more to it than just  the “gain experience, get abilities, rinse and repeat” way.  The story really has everything: an epic enemy (Sephiroth), an evil corporation (Shinra), moral struggle, questions of good and evil, and of course lots of killing.  This is includes one of the most surprising moments in video game history to me, when ****SPOILER**** Aerith, a main character is killed by Sephiroth, and not regular killed in an RPG where you can revive, I mean dead, never coming back. *****END SPOILER****

The graphics of this game are good for 2001.  I mean the cutscenes are very pretty and the graphics never get in the way of the game.  There is alot of reading because there are no voices, but it never noticeably gets in the way.  Now, a great part of this game is the extras.  The chocobo breeding is very fun, as well as the racing.  Also there are many, MANY, summons that are obtained outside of the main storyline.  Materia is the same, most is obtained by actual work, not just playing through the game.  This makes the game more in depth.

A look at all the characters of Final Fantasy VII

The Bad:  Okay, as you can see I have had lots good to say about this game.  And there is a lot good to say about it, but I do have to address my one issue with it.  The characters are just not that interesting and therefore difficult to get into.  The story is in depth, but I find that I am just playing the game to find out what happens at the end, not in order to defeat something and to see a certain outcome.  This is a bad thing.  This is the reason why I have played most Final Fantasy multiple times, but this one only once.

Good look at the battle menu

The Overview:  Play this game.  Yes, I have my problems with it because characters are probably the most important thing in RPGs to me.  The turn based battle system is great, and the menu and leveling up mechanisms are great.  The story is in-depth and great.  Also there are serious twists and turns throughout and Cloud is pretty cool and has a bad ass sword. Just saying.

Gameplay: 9/10

Characters: 6/10

Storyline: 9.5/10

Graphics: 8.6/10

Graphics during regular gameplay.

Extras: 9.5/10

Replay Value: 5/10

Overall: 8.0/10

Hours to complete: 15-20 (main storyline)

25+ (compete game)

A look at a lot of Final Fantasy VII’s cutscenes (slow at first, start at about 1:00 into video).

    • chris
    • January 26th, 2010

    they should do ff7 8 9 on the 360 and do a tv series.

  1. That would be great. A remake of all those games on the 360 with updated graphics and such would be epic.

    A TV series would be really cool if they did it right like they did Advent Children..

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